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Something that did not occur to me until recently was my admiration of papercraft- scale models of thick paper or cardstock glued together; this excludes origami which relies on singular pieces of folded paper. Papercraft could range from easy block figures only centimeters tall, to sailing vessels with details so complex you would have mistaken them for a plastic kit from afar.

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I should have guessed the moment I saw the Hot Toys Batmobile in person last month that I would soon be hitting the ‘pay now’ button.

Shipped by UPS

The arrival

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A picture is worth a thousand words.


R2-D2 and C-3PO by Ralph McQuarrie ©Lucasfilm

With that adage in mind, it cannot be underestimated how important Ralph McQuarrie was in visualizing George Lucas’ early drafts for a space fantasy film called The Star Wars. As the legend goes, studio funding was given when McQuarrie’s commissioned concept paintings of characters and locations helped give Lucas’ script a more understandable sense of scale and design.
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These days when money and storage space are limitations, we need to set parameters to prevent collections from running rampant with off-the-cuff (and ultimately unappreciated) purchases. For example, my Star Wars collection focuses mainly on The Empire Strikes Back. By saying ‘mainly’ I mean that I don’t hew closely to my rule because some examples are temptations too good to pass up. Such is the case when I passed by a K-Mart, remembering that Hasbro’s B-Wing Fighter re-release is exclusive to that chainstore. Read the rest of this entry »