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XBOX360I thought I would miss out on the beta announcement for the 2012 Xbox dashboard update since requests fill up quickly among an ever-growing user base. When I heard there was a limited extension to register, I thought I might as well go for it.
I’ve got a feeling this may be the last major update for the current generation Xbox because I can’t see Microsoft spending any more time on it while the next-gen unit is virtually right around the corner (assuming it incorporates a new user interface).

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XBOX360When the shiny XBox 360S (aka. the ‘360 slim’) arrived in the summer of 2010, I didn’t grab one immediately because at the time my (refurbished) Pro model was holding up just fine. Despite the ‘slim’s’ new configuration and features, it operated the same way, and I wanted to wait out the news if the new model wasn’t as prone to failure like its predecessor.

Fast forward to mid-2012: my trusty Elite is beginning to show signs of degrading. Every so often, the system would simply seize up mid-game. The game scene would freeze still like the end of a 70’s TV show, or the screen would go completely black like a ‘To Be Continued’ cliffhanger. Either way, I’d have to do a hard reboot to set it right again. By this time the unit has fallen out of warranty, and I didn’t feel like spending $100US just to receive another refurbished unit. It’s time for a trade-in!

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XBOX360After an agonizing half-day delay from the scheduled release hour, Microsoft has bestowed New Xbox Experience (NXE) Dashboard 2.0.14448.0, aka ‘Twist Control’ upon the general populace. Aside from the cries of “But I don’t wanna use a Kinect!” and “Where’s YouTube?” the major question on everyone’s mind is still “Will the old dashboard themes work?” The phrase ‘your mileage may vary’ is appropriate here. Judging by the preview images on the ‘net over the past few months, I was prepared to be disappointed by the obscured background image. While ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ it’s better to see it in motion.

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‘Visceral’ is the keyword when Tomb Raider is introduced at E3. The trailer for the forthcoming game (Fall 2012) leaves us feeling just as bruised, bloodied and breathless as Lara Croft gets as her expedition ship is broken apart. Read the rest of this entry »