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X-Men First Class by Hot ToysI totally missed Hot Toys’ announcement of X-Men First Class figures which was made a month before my post lamenting the absence of larger figures. Which shows how I’m not obsessive enough about my hobby. Slacker! I guess I should find a RSS link, because I’m not enthused enough to join Facebook.

Still, I think a more affordably-priced 6″ figure line for the movie was a missed opportunity.


I finally saw X-Men: First Class at a theater last weekend. It seemed to tie continuity very well to the previous movies but then tossed it all out the window with a different character development path that negated practically everything from X-Men: The Last Stand (I know a lot of you are saying “What’s wrong with that?”). Overall I thought First Class was an impressive and very involving tale; I rate it 4/5.

Afterwards I went to Toys R Us to see what figures were available. It turns out there is nothing on the shelves besides the small block-figure Minimates by DST. Which is a shame because I thought the movie could support a large scale toyline that had many characters in various guises like Raven/Mystique in regular clothes and X-suit, not to mention her true blue self.

But it appears the movie mutants have been losing action figure love since X2 (’03). For the third movie, only a few characters were interspersed among the Marvel Legends figure line. Perhaps the toy companies didn’t expect any appreciable returns compared to the deluge of entirely new properties this year like Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America. They may be right, because last year’s Iron-Man2 stuff is still hogging shelf space.

It’s too bad, because I think First Class provided a good mix of action and personal themes that could resonate with kids and collectors alike.


Diamond Select Toys responded to queries in their blog about First Class figures in the negative. Apparently there was a “quick turn around from script to filming to release” that didn’t allow development time for larger figures. And it seems unlikely that any company would issue X-Men figures based on a nostalgia factor the way older movies like Aliens and T2 have been successful at.