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Nimoy laughing

Nimoy’s human half wins! (courtesy of YouTube)

My favorite memory of Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) from all the interviews, convention appearances and bloopers I’ve seen of him is his infectious belly laugh, a great human trait of humor and love.

Remember him best for the joy we get from his career and creativity.

Back in 2006, CBS Television Studios/Paramount Pictures had a successful $7Million USD sale of its Star Trek production material. Christie’s lots of costumes and props were cataloged for prospective buyers to peruse and plan for one weekend in NYC, and sold for exorbitant prices (I was there for the sticker shock).

Later in 2007, Star Trek production material continued to be auctioned off on eBay by a proxy company, with one hundred items appearing weekly for a few years but in a random pattern. Buyers would have to return to the website each week to see what gems were available. I think public interest waned as the years rolled on (until mid-2009), and final prices settled to a more down-to-earth level. I was able to net a few items in this manner. But I should have learned from the Christie’s experience for another auction this past weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Something that did not occur to me until recently was my admiration of papercraft- scale models of thick paper or cardstock glued together; this excludes origami which relies on singular pieces of folded paper. Papercraft could range from easy block figures only centimeters tall, to sailing vessels with details so complex you would have mistaken them for a plastic kit from afar.

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Hasbro, Inc.This past week at the New York Times Building, there were huge Hasbro decals and black curtains obscuring the public lobby windows as Hasbro staffpersons built up their presentation space for New York Toy Fair 2012.
This is an invitation-only press event, so you’ll have to wait for toy websites to bring you visuals of goodies planned for the immediate future. Or you can take press releases as they come. Hasbro has awesome news for Trekkers:

Hasbro Teams Up with CBS Consumer Products for STAR TREK Toy Line

Product Line Fueled By Upcoming Major Motion Picture in 2013 to Include KRE-O STAR TREK Building Sets and More

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