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Just about every year I ensure time off to attend New York Comic Con. And every year it seems the opportunity to purchase tickets gets narrower as attendance numbers rise. Even though I was only able to snag tickets for the first two days, I think there was enough activity to keep me occupied.

I reserved the first day to participate in panels of interest. Hasbro revealed plans for upcoming Star Wars toys; The world’s first showing of a movie trailer celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Gamera; An early screening of the first two episodes of Star Wars: Rebels a week prior to official broadcast.

Its more fun to experience a convention with friends, and I happened to bump into a few co-workers during the day. We wound up roaming the showroom floor taking in the sights.

Kevin Conroy

With voice actor Kevin Conroy

Additionally I wanted to get meet and get autographs of YouTube personality ComicBookGirl19 (CBG19), and voice actor Kevin Conroy, best known for his portrayal of animated Batman since ’92. Both were very pleasant to their fans, devoting time for a chat (and selfies) for each guest. Conroy arrived just a few minutes late to the scheduled autograph session, but announced his arrival to the queue by standing up on a chair to bellow a popular line from the animated series: “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!” Simply awesome!

The second day was devoted entirely to vendors on the showroom floor, a perfect opportunity to examine merchandise up close, weeks or months before release. This also served to help me plan what I definitely wanted to spend on in the future, to curtail out-of-control expenses. A lot of Play Arts Kai figures for sale at the Square Enix booth were very inviting (especially the sexy Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V that was sold out), but the sight of the upcoming Lara Croft figure (tying into the Rise of the Tomb Raider game) made me resolve to buy just the character I’m devoted to.
Another must-buy toy I saw was the classic Starship Enterprise made of the LEGO-compatible MegaBloks brand building system. Currently I’m a marginal collector of some of their HALO video game toys, so I’m aware of the good quality of the brand. Seeing the classic crew characters in reasonably accurate miniature form was more exciting than the previous KRE-O brand, and made the Autumn ’16 release date all the more agonizing!

Towards the end of the second day, I realized how much my feet were aching from repeatedly walking all around the Javits Center. So I’m glad I only participated for half of the event. I’ll still try to purchase a 4-day pass next year. Maybe by then I’ll have trained myself to walk more efficiently.

If there’s one thing that frustrates fans of toys, video games and comics, it’s the exclusive nature of trade events such as ToyFair and E3. Showcasing everything we want to know about new stuff coming our way, but they’re open only to news outlets and industry insiders, not the general public. And then there are media blitzes like New York Comic-Con (NYCC) that caters specifically to consumer attendance.

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