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Remember the explosion of nerd/geek/fan rapture when Star Wars Episode I was announced about a dozen years ago? That’s what I imagine happened when Halo 4 was announced at E3. I guess it was to be expected, but to have it compounded with news of re-mastering Halo:CE for its 10-year anniversary is like tumbling through the air in bliss after being smashed by a Gravity Hammer.

Remember the eventual disappointment when Episode I finally premiered? I think the Halo franchise will fare better!

McFarlane Toys (formerly Todd Toys) changed the action figure game in the mid-’90s by introducing larger articulated sculpts of human characters in the 6-7″ range starting with Todd McFarlane’s own property of Spawn. I count this scale as differing from Mego’s clothed 8″ figures which are cousins to 12″ G.I.Joes and Barbies. While the new figures didn’t feature more articulation than their smaller brethren, there was no denying the larger size allowed for greater detail and paint applications that brought the characters to life. Product complexity has since grown, as well as competition from newer companies, to the appreciation of the consuming public.

My grievance about this scale (across all companies) is their construction using seemingly softer plastics. Often when trying to turn a pin & socket joint like a wrist or bicep, I’m fighting against pieces that have expanded together in warmer weather; or layers of acrylic paint that decrease the already-tight space between the pieces. Worst-case scenario is paint having melted together between the joint pieces. Sometimes even the ‘freezer trick’ (putting a figure in the freezer for twenty minutes to stiffen the plastic to better resist torque) is of no help. So I end up with money out the window and the grief of broken limbs from twisting a joint beyond its tolerance.


Broken limbs, broken hearts

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Halo: Reach

In the beginning, you know the end.

Months of anticipation for Halo: Reach has finally ended! But I haven’t started the game yet because I’m so enthralled by the contents of the Limited edition.

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