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I should have guessed the moment I saw the Hot Toys Batmobile in person last month that I would soon be hitting the ‘pay now’ button.

Shipped by UPS

The arrival

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Sometimes internet shopping doesn’t showcase the details of an item. When a desirable item is marketed at a respectably high cost, you have to see for yourself the actual finished product compared to touched-up publicity materials and stated specs on a webpage.

Last week that perspective hit me like a ton of bricks when I stopped by Forbidden Planet in NYC and saw the Hot Toys ’89 Batmobile in the store’s front window. I’ve known for some time the vehicle was over a yard long (39” L x 16” W x 9” H according to HT’s specs). But those numbers just don’t communicate the volume this beast takes up.

Hot Toys '89 Batmobile at Forbidden Planet NYC

Bigger than I thought…

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I’m sure many Batman fans’ eyes popped out of their skulls when Hot Toys teased a 1/6 scale ‘The Bat’ from The Dark Knight Rises a few months before the film opened.

Batman's garage by Hot Toys

Batman’s garage by Hot Toys

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1989 Batmobile by Hot Toys

I knew about this collectible since its appearance at 2011 San Diego Comic Con, but now we get to see it presented professionally with beautiful photography similar to how the actual car was publicized back in ’89.

Batman with the Batmobile

Batman (1989) c Warner Bros. Pictures

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