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The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon asks guest Harrison Ford to demonstrate what occurred during Star Wars Episode VII filming earlier this year that left him with a broken ankle.
Fallon shows off how cool the show is by presenting a high-end collectible figure of Han Solo (retail price $230 USD) for Ford to use. I’m thinking, “Cool, Hot Toys is getting free airtime.” What Ford proceeds to do to the figure… well, I don’t think Hot Toys nor Disney had this kind of publicity in mind!

The figure’s hair piece fell/flew off because you are meant to swap it with an alternate piece that features the white headphones and mic that Han sometimes wore in Episode IV. I’m guessing the figure could be salvaged back to its original state by a determined toy collector (imagine the owner’s expression when this happened), but it’s probably worth more in its mangled state now that Ford has gotten his hands on it!
Moral of the story here is, Don’t let Harrison Ford near your toy collection.

You would think I’ve had my fill of large toys after I got the Hot Toys Batmobile, but another subject merited an instant pre-order the moment I saw it: a 1/6-scale TARDIS from Doctor Who. image Read the rest of this entry »

I should have guessed the moment I saw the Hot Toys Batmobile in person last month that I would soon be hitting the ‘pay now’ button.

Shipped by UPS

The arrival

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Sometimes internet shopping doesn’t showcase the details of an item. When a desirable item is marketed at a respectably high cost, you have to see for yourself the actual finished product compared to touched-up publicity materials and stated specs on a webpage.

Last week that perspective hit me like a ton of bricks when I stopped by Forbidden Planet in NYC and saw the Hot Toys ’89 Batmobile in the store’s front window. I’ve known for some time the vehicle was over a yard long (39” L x 16” W x 9” H according to HT’s specs). But those numbers just don’t communicate the volume this beast takes up.

Hot Toys '89 Batmobile at Forbidden Planet NYC

Bigger than I thought…

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