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Nimoy laughing

Nimoy’s human half wins! (courtesy of YouTube)

My favorite memory of Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) from all the interviews, convention appearances and bloopers I’ve seen of him is his infectious belly laugh, a great human trait of humor and love.

Remember him best for the joy we get from his career and creativity.

The ultimate action figure!
‘Little Marina’ is quite the eye-catcher on the street given her 12-foot seated height, perfect for drawing attention to the Missoni clothing line. Her doll-like appearance from afar is more apparent up close where you can see the wrists deliberately have the same articulation joints as Barbie. It’s a piece of performance art where you can see at least two puppeteers manipulating the arms by rods. I’m not sure how the head and body are controlled but I guess her facial features are animatronic.

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