Discovery Center

This must be the place…

I rarely plan for activities on my days off, but the Discovery Times Square in NYC made it easy to get admission online on short notice. I decided the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit would tide me over until The Force Awakens premiers the following weekend. The last time I saw actual artifacts from the films was The Power of Myth exhibit that stopped by in Brooklyn ages ago. This time around, the focused theme of costumes made the exhibit more compact. Yet there was plenty to see because the exhibit encompassed both original and prequel trilogies.

Because the Star Wars films present so much visual effects spectacle, it’s very easy to dismiss the planning and forethought of costume design as part of the filmmaking process. However now is your chance to appreciate the choice of fabrics, intended character references and historical allusions that go toward suiting up an actor/actress. Especially impressive is the array of costumes for Padmé Amidala that span from her introduction as queen in Episode I, to her funeral in Episode III.

And yes, no Star Wars exhibit would be complete without Leia’s slave costume. But don’t step too close to the display because a sharp tone will sound continuously until you move away! Rumor has it that Disney is excluding “slave Leia” from future merchandising (including artwork), so seeing this costume outside of a historical perspective will be a thing of the past.

You can’t exit the exhibit without going through the gift shop, but I found it easy to ignore most items on display. I just didn’t want to tote anything extra for my remaining time in NYC. My intended excursions later in the weekend to my local ToysRUs and Disney store would fulfill that need.

GIft Shop

You can’t avoid the gift shop.