You would think I’ve had my fill of large toys after I got the Hot Toys Batmobile, but another subject merited an instant pre-order the moment I saw it: a 1/6-scale TARDIS from Doctor Who. image Even though a scaled figure stands just 12 inches tall, I estimate the TARDIS prop would stand 20 inches give-or-take, about as tall as Hot Toys’ Power Loader from Aliens a few years back. As the real-life example below shows, the size difference between figure and prop would be pretty substantial.


Doctor Who ©BBC

Back in 2012, QMx revealed a prototype of a similar-sized TARDIS replica at SDCC 2012. That example looked impressive, but the interior was completely blocked off with no chance of inserting a figure inside for display, as can be seen by the backdrop frame at the door base. I missed hearing about it initially, and haven’t noticed any news since then. I’m pretty certain this was done independently of Big Chief’s effort. image

So with my pre-order already submitted, I’m bracing myself for the overseas shipping cost. I can only wonder if Big Chief Studios would be bold enough to attempt earlier versions of the TARDIS to pair with Doctor Who incarnations from before the show was cancelled back in 1989. Through those years, the studio prop had to be replaced a few times due to extreme wear and tear, and each iteration was markedly different:


The TARDIS through the years

Even though I’m buying now as a fan of the current series, I miss the smaller proportions of the earlier versions I viewed on American PBS back in the Eighties. I might be crazy enough to get one if the opportunity rises in the future.