Sometimes internet shopping doesn’t showcase the details of an item. When a desirable item is marketed at a respectably high cost, you have to see for yourself the actual finished product compared to touched-up publicity materials and stated specs on a webpage.

Last week that perspective hit me like a ton of bricks when I stopped by Forbidden Planet in NYC and saw the Hot Toys ’89 Batmobile in the store’s front window. I’ve known for some time the vehicle was over a yard long (39” L x 16” W x 9” H according to HT’s specs). But those numbers just don’t communicate the volume this beast takes up.

Hot Toys '89 Batmobile at Forbidden Planet NYC

Bigger than I thought…

Normally my first thought would be “I want!” which it has been since I heard it announced. But at that moment on the street my gut sank and mind exploded while thinking “Where the #*%&! would I actually put this thing?” I surmise those who got the sneak peek of it at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con came to the same realization. It’s truly that impressive in person. Even the (same scale) camouflaged Tumbler from the recent Dark Knight films sitting next to it seemed tame in comparison.

Aside from storage and display area issues (as if my Hasbro Big Millennium Falcon toy wasn’t bad enough!), there is the issue of how well the item will fare through the expected rough shipping process. Even if a retailer inspects the item before sending it, there is always the possibility of the contents getting marred by its own packing materials. Any scuff marks on the Batmobile’s broad surfaces would hurt a lot more than the major impact to your pocketbook this thing entails.

The following day my boss caught me looking at video reviews of this Batmobile at work, and has been goading me to hit the “buy now” button. I probably would in the near future, if supplies last long enough (it’s a limited edition). But I would need to time some days off in order receive the package in person at home. I’d rather not have it constantly going back and forth from the shipping center if I weren’t there to sign for it.

I suppose a coffee table could serve as a display area. But if I were to move again I would need to keep the shipping box for future transport…