I’m sure many Batman fans’ eyes popped out of their skulls when Hot Toys teased a 1/6 scale ‘The Bat’ from The Dark Knight Rises a few months before the film opened.

Batman's garage by Hot Toys

Batman’s garage by Hot Toys

Can you see the figure seated in the cabin? To accommodate that 12″ tall figure, the vehicle would be roughly 5′ to 6′ in length. Fans got an eyeful of the prototype at the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention earlier this month. According to a ToyHaven blog entry, it may be revealed that this product would have been a logistical nightmare.

Some collectors may voice disappointment that their hopes were raised needlessly.

😀 OMG! WANT IT NOW! Denied 😦

We’re fortunate that specialty businesses like Hot Toys can plan to put products up at bat (pun intended) that consumers definitely want. But it’s not a home run for them if the business can’t make profit from sales.

The Bat is quite a unwieldy yet intricate design. Even if it were to be broken down to kit form like Hot Toys’ earlier Power Loader from Aliens, there is still a question of quality control and shipping expenses to keep a fragile product safe from the factory to your door step. If it were to be shrunk down to 1/12 scale as the blog entry suggests, it could be roughly the same size as the 1/6 scale Tumbler vehicle. That could be more manageable but no less daunting.

Actually, I would be okay with a little Hot Wheels’ version of The Bat to fly around in my hand!

The Bat by Hot Wheels

The Bat by Hot Wheels