Ever make those impulse buys where you don’t feel “buyer’s remorse” but decline to state how much you paid for it?

Nexus 7: Rachael by S. Pettersen

This an extremely limited edition figure of Sean Young’s character “Rachael” from Blade Runner. The artist announced this project a few months ago and I only just discovered it tonight with only a few hours to go before the determined pre-order time. Yeah, collecting can be difficult if you don’t keep your eyes open for an opportunity!

Rachael was one of four poll choices at the artist’s blog, and she won by one vote over fellow replicant Roy Batty. I’m so happy for this outcome because Roy has already been available for collectors at least twice, one of them by Toy Syndicate (which I have) many years ago. Blade Runner’s official merchandising license has rarely been granted over the years, so any (unofficial) action doll made available is a momentous event.

It would’ve been easy to dress Rachael in the dark blouse seen early in the movie at Tyrell Corp. for the VK test. Instead, artist S. Pettersen has the skill and gumption to compile the multi-toned outfit and heavy fur coat Rachael wore when saving Deckard from Leon in Sector 4. Expanding the figure’s range is the ability to switch magnetic pieces representing her hair tied up or untied down.

Buyers willing to shell out more for a ‘special edition’ will get an in-scale “futuristic parking meter” seen in the movie. It might seem an odd bonus, but renowned designer Syd Mead claims these parking meters would electrocute you if you try to tamper with them! As I write this a few hours after the sale opened, the ‘special edition’ has sold out while the regular set is still available.

Those of us who hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button will now be waiting a few months more before the anticipated works of art are completed and delivered. Going by Pettersen’s blog as a portfolio and proof of work, I know Rachael will be worth the wait.
I’m still not inclined to say how much I paid.