1989 Batmobile by Hot Toys

I knew about this collectible since its appearance at 2011 San Diego Comic Con, but now we get to see it presented professionally with beautiful photography similar to how the actual car was publicized back in ’89.

Batman with the Batmobile

Batman (1989) c Warner Bros. Pictures

*Sigh* Why couldn’t things like this come out years earlier when I was more willing to spend freely? No, I take that back. I draw the line at Cinemaquette (Toynami) and their own specialized production of the Batmobile for $2,000 USD. You can bet HT’s Batmobile will be relatively affordable, if their previous 1/6 Tumbler ($450) from The Dark Knight is anything to judge by.

Of all the Batmobiles I grew up watching (including the TV show), I swear allegiance to the late Anton Furst’s design. Over the years I’ve bought many iterations of it: the ERTL 1/25 kit, the action figure-sized Kenner vehicle, Hot Wheels’ 1/18 model among many, and the 1/10 radio controlled car by Richman Toys.

Even if we have to ignore the ludicrous notion of one vehicle being able to bear the weight of all the hidden gadgets depicted, including a cocoon of armored plating, a central column to lift and rotate the car, and the ability to jettison half its volume for a narrow escape… it’s still a dream car for many Batman fans. Once the canopy seals Batman into the aircraft-style cabin, he is nearly invulnerable. That’s a feeling that any driver wishes of his/her car. Admittedly the Tumbler from Batman Begins does the same, but Furst’s design brings it with voluptuous style.