Hasbro, Inc.This past week at the New York Times Building, there were huge Hasbro decals and black curtains obscuring the public lobby windows as Hasbro staffpersons built up their presentation space for New York Toy Fair 2012.
This is an invitation-only press event, so you’ll have to wait for toy websites to bring you visuals of goodies planned for the immediate future. Or you can take press releases as they come. Hasbro has awesome news for Trekkers:

Hasbro Teams Up with CBS Consumer Products for STAR TREK Toy Line

Product Line Fueled By Upcoming Major Motion Picture in 2013 to Include KRE-O STAR TREK Building Sets and More

The press release focuses mainly on Hasbro’s expansion of its own construction block system after premiering with Transformers a little while ago. It’s a big deal to compete with established brand names like LEGO and newer competitors like Mega Bloks. You need star power with the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter and HALO to get attention. Transformers is a fair start; let’s see if Star Trek does as well.

Buried in the press release are mentions of a “robust line of roleplay toys for kids and fans to act out the intergalactic saga as well as select new figures.” Given that Playmates Toys marketed a variety of figure sizes for the 2009 Trek movie, I can only wonder what Hasbro’s approach will be.

Please let it be the venerable 3 3/4-inch scale; I want to pose Mr. Spock giving a Vulcan nerve pinch to Jar Jar Binks!