These days when money and storage space are limitations, we need to set parameters to prevent collections from running rampant with off-the-cuff (and ultimately unappreciated) purchases. For example, my Star Wars collection focuses mainly on The Empire Strikes Back. By saying ‘mainly’ I mean that I don’t hew closely to my rule because some examples are temptations too good to pass up. Such is the case when I passed by a K-Mart, remembering that Hasbro’s B-Wing Fighter re-release is exclusive to that chainstore.

While electronic sounds have been eliminated (see the original advertisement), the model is nearly the same as it was when it was first released back in ’83, down to the gravity-operated cabin that stays level as the vehicle is rotated. With S-foils that move to attack position by twisting a disguised dial, this is by far the most dynamic fighter design from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Now that I’m in charge of my resources, I’m at a point of decision when I see the boxed toy sitting on the store shelf before me. It doesn’t help that Hasbro utilizes retro-styled packaging that tugs at my childhood memories of it’s first appearance.  The paint scheme is authentic to the movie rather than the garish color scheme from the previous Legacy Collection re-release. Contemplating on the size of the box (representing a challenge to my living space) as I turn it over in my hands, I decide ‘yes.’ Coincidentally there’s a matching B-Wing fighter pilot on a peg nearby, with the cardback labeled as Revenge of the Jedi to reflect the film’s planned title before being altered to Return of the Jedi by George Lucas for its actual release.

Right off the bat, the toy is pleasingly larger than I thought, a few inches longer than even the large X-Wing Fighter mold from ’97, so I imagine the size is more impressive for a young kid. Because my like for this vehicle reaches far back to my youth, I’m more apt to keep it, unlike a Jedi starfighter from Episode III which I sold off not long after buying it.

So there’s room in my heart for the B-Wing, but where to put it and the pretty ‘Vintage’ box in my room? With the lack of shelf space I could suspend the vehicle from the ceiling with fishing line; but that’s something to consider when I soon buy a home and I can do what I want with my living space. And this is just my Star Wars portion of my collection! Such is the burdens of a collector…