The ultimate action figure!
‘Little Marina’ is quite the eye-catcher on the street given her 12-foot seated height, perfect for drawing attention to the Missoni clothing line. Her doll-like appearance from afar is more apparent up close where you can see the wrists deliberately have the same articulation joints as Barbie. It’s a piece of performance art where you can see at least two puppeteers manipulating the arms by rods. I’m not sure how the head and body are controlled but I guess her facial features are animatronic.

It’s definitely not a recorded performance as ‘Little Marina’ responds to the crowd of people surrounding the exhibit by actually turning to look at them. I’m serious. Look at the blog that has been started for the figure. The attached pictures are taken from a high vantage point, meaning at least one of her eyes is actually a camera. She’s bionic!

Some people may object to ‘Little Marina’s’ slim build as a negative stereotype for women, but her appearance is very similar to how fashion designers’ portfolios present the body mainly as a mannequin to display their textile creations. As an action figure fanatic, fashion-centric dolls like Tonner never piqued my interest, but I think ‘Little Marina’ herself might be a cool marketing point to serious collectors if Missoni or Target chooses to pursue it.

Updated February 13, 2012

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., the company responsible for a lot of high-profile special makeup effects such as The Thing (2011) and X-Men: First Class has a short YouTube clip of Little Marina’s construction. The last portion showcases the creation’s life-like qualities that still mesmerize me.