Star Wars by Hot Toys
The Star Wars fanfare now heralds more money flying out of my wallet. As announced by Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, DX Bespin Luke Skywalker will be revealed at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

Even though I already have Sideshow’s own version of Bespin Skywalker from just a few years ago, I’m the kind of collector who will go for a favorite character or object done by different companies as a comparison of technique and accuracy. “DX” usually refers to HT’s production of portrait sculpts featuring eyes that are adjustable by a hidden lever; I’m curious to see how well this feature affects Mark Hamill’s likeness.

I’m also happy that HT’s first figure is Skywalker’s Empire Strikes Back appearance, where the character is revealed and defined by the tribulations he faces in his Jedi training. I suppose that’s why I’m more excited by this than Medicom Toys and Enterbay’s co-production (“Ultimate Unison”) of Luke Skywalker from A New Hope.