‘Visceral’ is the keyword when Tomb Raider is introduced at E3. The trailer for the forthcoming game (Fall 2012) leaves us feeling just as bruised, bloodied and breathless as Lara Croft gets as her expedition ship is broken apart.

The E3 demo of gameplay drives the point further with claustrophobia and terror so gripping, you probably will tear your controller apart from the stress. If this was an actual movie there would be popcorn strewn all over the theater floor!

Everything about the presentation is impressive. Several months ago, Lara Croft’s new more realistic appearance was revealed to a lot of acclaim and hope that it signaled an advancement to the franchise. When placed in a detailed environment and shown with documentary-style camerawork (complete with out-of-focus water droplets on the lens), Croft’s predicaments feel even more perilous than her original games could have foretold. The gameplay video isn’t clear as to how involved the player is acting out Croft’s movement beyond the <LS> quicktime actions and such, but the demo looks as beautiful and promising as the initial trailer does.

Now that Square Enix holds the Tomb Raider franchise, I can only hope they have a big Play Arts Kai figure of Lara planned. You could see that toy angle of the story coming a mile away, right?