“I want” is a statement I usually utter upon sighting a prototype toy that makes me wish it were completed and on my shelf 10 minutes ago. A combination of great styling, sculpt detail and articulation add up to a potential level of awesome-ness that’s drool-inducing if I don’t turn away quickly enough. Unfortunately if the subject is seen in a video, there’s a greater chance of drooling. I won’t want to blink for fear of missing all the detail, never mind the rewind button.

Last night I saw X-Play’s ’30 Seconds of Awesome’ featuring Hawken, an example of a video game that earns an “I want” from me. The most striking thing about the presentation is how crowded the environment is. The player’s mech leaps and rolls about a city environment crowded with buildings and overpasses that provide plenty of cover and avenues of escape; this is a welcome change from previous mech games where the landscape is scaled as if your mech was a person itself, resulting in obstacles spaced football fields apart. The art direction reminds me of the films District 9 and Battle: Los Angeles where the landscape is monotone, sun-bleached and dingy from debris flying everywhere.

Adhesive Games should be very proud of the interest and acclaim that several months of work has brought them, even when distribution plans still haven’t been finalized. According to their FAQ, Hawken is hoped to be a downloadable title across multiple platforms.

“I want.”