© BBCSo I come across the great news that there’s a Doctor Who signing at Barnes & Noble, NY at the end of the week, prior to the new Series 6 premiere towards the end of the month. It seems so wonderful that it’s only a few blocks away from where I work and plenty of time before my work shift. Yet I’m excluded because wristbands to get into the queue are given only to those who purchase the Series 5 boxset at the store; I’ve already bought my set last year.

No, I’m not going to buy another set just to return it. Integrity, people.

This is the second year that Matt Smith is in town to host a BBC America premiere screening of the Series’ first episode, so hopefully the trend would continue next year so that I’m better prepared (like not buying Series box sets on the first day!).

Music at The Proms, skits for Children in Need telethons, Christmas episodes… The hosted screenings abroad is just another aspect and example of how strong the brand has become to the public eye since it returned in 2005. I just hope it doesn’t wear out the way Star Trek did in that same year when Enterprise was cancelled.