It was only a week ago that I clicked the ‘Pay Now’ button on my newest acquisition: Yamato’s 1/3000 scale SDF-1 as seen in Macross Do You Remember Love? Hobby Link Japan had a 15% discount that softened the blow before shipping, but I still had to make a choice between this and Hot Toys’ upcoming light cycle with Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy. With a brief re-watching of the Japanese laserdisc of DYRL, I knew my long-standing love for Macross had won out.

Yamato's 1/3000 SDF-1

After reading the reviews ages ago (well, months actually), I was aware that consumers would still have to clip parts off sprues to add the finishing touches, mainly to cover the screw heads. The styrofoam tray packaging is part and parcel of big toy robot goodness, but the bagged parts on sprues remind me of building model kit cars when I was younger. Time to break out the X-Acto knives and super glues!
The only downer to the “assembly required” presentation is the fact that it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to repack the item for storage. Either I find an alternate box to keep the item, or spend some messy time cutting away the styrofoam tray to accommodate the new configuration. I encountered this initially with Hot Toys’ RoboCop which was presented as an “action figure kit.” So this makes me cautious about immediately putting this lovely toy together. So I will bide my time, poring over the instruction booklet the way I did with my model kits so long ago.