This is one toy that has taken decades to finally come around: The communicator from The Wrath of Khan! I’m not sure how the “Screaming Kirk Mode” works, but I’m sure it will annoy non-Trekkers the world over through constant use. I’m just happy that DST is spending the resources to make the little-seen variations available, like the geological tricorder from the classic episode “That Which Survives.” Could a Search for Spock version be in our future?

Star Trek communicators

I already bought a Khan prop reproduction on eBay several years ago. HMS Creative Productions apparently made some copies, but mine functions differently (no sound or blinking light) so I still classify mine as “artist unknown.” It’s pretty cool, pretty hefty: the case is a metal project box, so you’d never want to accidentally drop this on your foot. It’s even accurate to the activation button in the rear. I can’t wait to see how the toy will compare when I add it to my collection.

Plenty of Trekkers decry this model as an affront to Trek elegance, but apparently director Nick Meyers wanted this unit to appear rugged and ready for abuse. The tricorder that Saavik carried was even worse-looking with its exposed circuitry and tubing. At least the communicator was returned to the flip-open configuration that everyone was familiar with.

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