Halo: Reach

In the beginning, you know the end.

Months of anticipation for Halo: Reach has finally ended! But I haven’t started the game yet because I’m so enthralled by the contents of the Limited edition.

Dr. Catherine Halsey’s private journal has been authored to be a rich collectible package supporting the Halo saga. It imitates deckle edge paper with hand-stitched binding and features a magnetic closure. As far as the science-fiction reading goes, the technobabble is easily digestible. The entries fill in a lot of missing pieces about the Spartan-II program, and the entry ‘dates’ show a span of decades that is typically glossed over in our era of quick edits and speedy exposition. The accompanying pencil and ink illustrations further reveal Halsey’s character as a keen observer and artist.
Overall it’s a great companion piece to The Fall of Reach novel as well as the Reach game’s storyline. Even the custom box containing it all is tightly constructed and impressive. I don’t know about the statue that’s part of the Legendary edition, but this is a beautiful way for Bungie to wrap up their involvement in the brand, at least in the physical sense. See you on the battlefield!