“That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet,” so Shakespeare has written. My persona exists no matter what moniker I choose to represent myself in the ever-expanding domains of the virtual world. But I’ve attached many identities to the persona based on how I present a different aspect of myself. What if I can’t make up my mind on a single name that others can recognize now and forever?

XBOX360My Live Spaces title derives from the fact that some people nickname me “Stasiu” because it’s the Polish equivalent of my Americanized name Stanley. Among toy message boards I chose the phrase “Super Poseable” because I collect hyper-jointed action figures. I applied it to my first XBox Live gamertag since Stasiu was already taken. The unexpected side effect was hearing it shortened to “Poser!”

I pursued a replacement gamertag that would tie into my childhood love of cool Japanese toys and anime. I’ve tried anagrams and abbreviations of my real name but the letters never amounted to anything cool. I came across a line of toys I barely remember from the 80’s called Convertors that included “Maladroids,” featuring mecha licensed from Macross. So I think “Great, a connection to one of my favorite shows.” After spending 800 Microsoft points, it turns out the name Maladroid is pretty common across the net including various message boards, flickr, and even a music band. So I’ve adopted a name that’s not truly unique as I feel. Is another 800 point expenditure in my future?

The gamertag has become a personal part of me because it’s my ID to a world I frequent as a live person. So I want a moniker I can use in other areas too, without being specific to the subject at hand, which I’ve trapped myself into (maybe that’s a fault of being a Libra). Because of this, I’ve left my Windows Live web address uncertain until I can decide on who I am without drawing on a known source. Something I can call my own. But you can call me Stasiu.

P.S. This blog entry was made in Windows Live Spaces before it was ported to WordPress. As this is an account (and blog) I want to apply to many topics, I decided to stick with my nickname in general.