Something that did not occur to me until recently was my admiration of papercraft- scale models of thick paper or cardstock glued together; this excludes origami which relies on singular pieces of folded paper. Papercraft could range from easy block figures only centimeters tall, to sailing vessels with details so complex you would have mistaken them for a plastic kit from afar.

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I should have guessed the moment I saw the Hot Toys Batmobile in person last month that I would soon be hitting the ‘pay now’ button.

Shipped by UPS

The arrival

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A few months ago I picked up a postcard advertising JerseyFest, a fair dedicated to the art of creative model kits and statues like Predators, vampires and robots. I thought “Great, a weekend event in the area geared towards me besides New York Comic Con.” But then an unexpected change in my work schedule moved my days off to Monday and Tuesday. So I considered that plan scrapped as well as the rest of the foreseeable future. Then just a few weeks later, circumstances changed again and I was back to a Saturday-Sunday weekend again.
My weekends can be fun again!


My kind o’ town!

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Sometimes internet shopping doesn’t showcase the details of an item. When a desirable item is marketed at a respectably high cost, you have to see for yourself the actual finished product compared to touched-up publicity materials and stated specs on a webpage.

Last week that perspective hit me like a ton of bricks when I stopped by Forbidden Planet in NYC and saw the Hot Toys ’89 Batmobile in the store’s front window. I’ve known for some time the vehicle was over a yard long (39” L x 16” W x 9” H according to HT’s specs). But those numbers just don’t communicate the volume this beast takes up.

Hot Toys '89 Batmobile at Forbidden Planet NYC

Bigger than I thought…

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